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🍂Autumnal Walks🍂

December 15, 2020

The butterflies enjoyed a sunny autumnal walk in our beautiful village surroundings.

We looked at the leaves on our walk and found many different colours and shapes. Not only did we feel the texture of the crunchy leaves, but also watched them fly around the trees and land on the floor.

Listening to the sounds around us we could hear many animal noises in their natural habitats such as birds, squirrels, ducks and swans.

We did not want to end our walk so we took our walk back with us. Collecting leaves and branches that had fallen from the trees we carried on exploring back at the nursery!

We are definitely so lucky to have these lovely surroundings on our doorstep!


Autumn Walks Autumn Walks Autumn Walks Autumn Walks Autumn Walks


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