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Parent FAQs

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    Parent’s Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your opening hours?

    Our official opening hours are every Monday to Friday from 8:30amto 5:30pm.

    What qualifications do your staff have?

    We have hired staff with a range of qualifications relevant to nursery work. Some of the qualifications are as follows:

    NVQ level 4 in Early Years Care
    NVQ level 3 in Early Years Care
    University Degree in Early Years

    On top of that we also hire apprentices and have staff with over 15 years experience working with children.

    What are key workers?

    Key workers are members of our staff that work with specific children to track and monitor their progress and development. This means we are always aware of how well children are progressing and learning before they head to school.

    What childcare funding options do you support?

    We understand it can be difficult to work and have children that need care and that’s why First Steps Nursery supports families that have the 15 hour eligibility and for families that fall under the 30 hour eligibility, we also support them too!

    You can learn more about funded childcare online.

    Are my children going to be safe at your nursery?

    The safety of every child at our nursery is the most important thing for us and that’s why we have dedicated safeguards in place. From collection policies to meeting at the doors, we ensure your children are safe from the moment you drop them off with us.

    Learn more about our safeguard policies.

    How do you help my child settle into your nursery comfortably?

    We know all children are different and that’s why our approach depends on them. What we always do is let you and your child have an initial meeting with their ‘Key Worker’ so we can learn your child’s routines and needs before we take them on. We can then adjust our care around this.

    You can learn more about how we help your child settle in.

    Where is First Steps Nursery located?

    We are located in Maxey village which is only a short drive outside of Peterborough. This makes it the perfect location for children based in Stamford, Market Deeping, Bourne and of course Peterborough.

    What ages of children are you able to take care of?

    We are able to provide exceptional private childcare for children aged 6 weeks up to 5 years of age. With dedicated rooms for the different aged children we are able to support them fully. Our Butterflies room supports children aged 0-2, our Bumblebees room is for children aged 2-3 and our Dragonflies room is for children aged 3-4.

    What is mealtime like at your nursery?

    We pride ourselves in offering children a diverse selection of foods that are all prepared freshly on site by our nursery cook, who was awarded a 5-star hygiene rating by the Food Standards Agency.

    You can learn more about the food we provide the children online.

    Can we see the nursery before we apply for our children?

    Of course! You can book a tour of the nursery and our facilities before you make your mind up. This also gives you the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful staff that will be supporting your children’s development and growth.

    What happens if I am late for picking up my child?

    We do understand that this can happen, meetings running late, traffic piling up or just a mistracking of time. We do ask that you let us know as soon as possible so we can be prepared for keeping your child slightly longer than expected.

    What happens if my child has been ill in the night?

    We do ask that you keep your child at home for at least 48 hours after their last symptom when they have been ill. This helps us keep the other children safe and ensures illnesses don’t spread through our nursery.

    We have a holiday planned, do we need to inform you?

    It is greatly appreciated when you inform us of any holidays as this lets us inform our Key Workers who they will be working with on specific days.

    Can you administer medication to my child?

    Our staff are fully trained to administer medication that has been prescribed by a doctor. On top of this, we can also administer medication such as Calpol and antihistamines like Piriton when required.

    Will my child get to play outside or is it all indoor play?

    Yes, we have both indoor and outdoor facilities and we even take the children for a walk occasionally when this is possible. We believe that a mix of indoor and outdoor play is vital to your child’s development.

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