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Settling In

  • Transitioning your child from home to nursery can be a very stressful time for you and them. It is vital that we do everything we can to lower these anxieties and make the transition to nursery as smooth as possible.

    As such we are flexible in our approach to our settling in procedure, responding to individual family needs. The initial step would be to come in and meet up with your child’s key person. In this first session, you will have plenty of opportunities to discuss your child’s; routines, family backgrounds/beliefs, their current age and stage of development amongst others. Once you are happy, we will commence with several short visits to the nursery whereby your child will stay and play giving them a chance to build up a bond with their new key person. The process usually takes around 2 weeks but can be adapted to the needs of each child.

    All children are unique and as such, it is important that their new key person spends lots of time building up, not only their bonds with them but their knowledge of what makes your child an individual.

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